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Thursday 14 March: 6-8pm

Reduce, Reuse,  Upcycle

As part of their Greener Futures initiative, Kate Bryan, Broadcaster and Head of Collections at Soho House has curated a daily programme of artists working live at the fair. The artists will be available to fair goers to ‘Upcycle’ their art. Encouraged to bring an unwanted print, an unloved old painting, their own artwork or a tired piece resigned to the junkpile, the public can pay £95 to have their artwork born again.

VIP Upcycle artist is Charming Baker will be at the fair Thursday evening during the Vernissage. Baker is one of London’s most beloved artists, creating serious paintings that speak to a huge audience about the big questions of existence. Championed by Damien Hirst, who said “It’s hard to say what makes a painting great. Who gives a damn? Charming Baker’s paintings are great.” He has been to known to fire bullets through his canvasses, and violently scribble out exquisite drawings, so his upcycle process will not be for the faint of heart. For £95 you will be able to meet Charming Baker, who lives up to his name, as well as take home artwork selected by you, but recreated by him.